Free yourself from intimidating blank pages. I've got this.

I'm Kimberly Crossland, one of the crazy ones who digs the thrill of a flashing cursor on a blank page. But I get it... copywriting isn't for everyone.

You started your business for freedom. The freedom to order a better bottle of wine (because you can). To treat your friends to dinner. To go to dance recitals and baseball games. To travel more often — not just on weekends and holidays. To live a life doing what you love...because always live life for love.

If you're over the frustration of writing your own sales copy, and tired of the self-doubt that comes along with hitting publish on a new page, email sequence, or social ad, let's join forces, empowering you to reap the benefits of more cash flow, fun, and freedom.

Let's Talk
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Take Copywriting Off Your To-Do List

Stop staring at a blank screen.

Let's breathe new life back into your copy. From designing your brand's voice to crafting new sales pages, email sequences, and customer flows, I'll be your partner to nail the messaging.

"If you want exceptional content — and would like your experience to be a pleasant one — Kimberly is the right person for the job. Her upbeat personality and willingness to go the extra mile (and sometimes more!) further enhances her impressive skill set. She is truly an asset to any team."
-Hannah McNaughton

Untether yourself from the computer.

Have regular blog posts, email newsletters, and other ongoing SEO-writing-style needs? Hand me the baton, and I'll mimic your voice in the words on the screen, empowering you to meet your audience in a new place.

"Kimberly helps me with blog content for clients. I can always rely on her being responsive and meeting or beating deadlines. She's great at digging into an industry and really owning it, which makes for excellent content."
-Susan Payton  

You're ready to hand off your copywriting to me if...

You're in a "boring" industry

I'm a master at transforming tired industry speak into messaging with a must-have vibe

You're focused on work with impact

I believe business should leave a positive impact; not just sell, sell, *snooze*, and sell

You're people-oriented

A strong message won't matter when the promised outcomes aren't there.

You're ready for more in your biz

But you don't want to add more to your plate. Let's talk strategy around how messaging can lead to freedom

You're ready to hand writing over

I'll never require long-meetings to cover the copy. My process is simple, easy, and freeing for you.

Let's Make Writing Fun Again.

And let's give you more time to live freely, travel often, and experience more in this crazy-beautiful world.