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You have dreams of owning your business, but you're stuck.

What kind of business should you start?

There are so many ideas out there — which one is right for you? How do you find something that hasn't been done a thousand times before? What's the right business that will support your lifestyle?

Where do you even begin to build your idea?

Even once you have an idea, you're probably wondering what comes next. There's a seemingly endless to-do list when it comes to getting a business off the ground. What do you do first, second, and third?

How do you scale it while still being able to travel?

Starting a business is fun, but what's more fun is being able to explore. That's the real reason you want to leave the 9 to 5. So how do you scale your business without sprinting towards burnout or sacrificing RVing?


Peek Inside the Program

My complete training program gets those wants out of your head and turns them into actionable ideas — ideas that can be put into motion while being surrounded by a community of others who get it and are doing it.


Step-by-Step Guides

Learn what works (and what doesn't) from someone who has been through the trenches and started several businesses that flourish while traveling without requiring a big team on board. Get instant access to workbooks, videos, and templates to get ou going quickly. Plus get the chance to ask questions at monthly q+a calls and website reviews.


Surround Yourself With Support

Business is a lonesome when you're going it alone. Surround yourself with the support of others who have and are walking the Roadpreneur life. Ask questions as they arrive in a 24/7 community that is eager to cheer you on as you progress.

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Sit In With Guest Experts

Learn from guest experts who will dig deeper into certain areas of expertise and guide you towards simplifying your approach to business growth.

Pull Up Your Chair Next to This Campfire

Come try the community for FREE for 14-days! Sign up by choosing the pricing plan that works best for you. Cancel anytime during the free trial if you decide the Roadpreneur Community isn't the right fit.

Monthly Membership


Start Your 14-Day Free Trial

What's Inside?

There's a community of like-minded people waiting for you just one click away.

Training Videos, Worksheets, and Templates

From finding your idea to launching your business, and well beyond, you'll get instant access to this full library when you sign up.

Private Community

There's something so special about being able to ask questions 24/7 in a space where people get what you're doing and want to support your goals.

Live Q+As

This isn't a program that leaves you to figure out all the pieces on your own. Get answers in monthly live q+a sessions and website reviews.

Pop-Up Trainings

There's a lot that goes into business-building. Get access to ongoing pop-up trainings and guest expert sessions to support your journey.

kimberly crossland

Hi, I'm Kimberly.

I started my entrepreneurial journey nine years ago with only one goal — to be free. Since then, I've spent that time learning, making mistakes, learning some more, and yes, growing.

If you're ready to make the leap and design a life around adventure rather than a paycheck, this community is for you. I can't wait for you to join me inside, so I can watch you flourish and act as your guide on this crazy, beautiful journey.

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Your Questions, Answered

Is Roadpreneur only for full-time RVers?

No, Roadpreneur is open to everyone! This community is for anyone who loves the RV lifestyle and is ready to pursue more of it. Whether that means you're working your business full-time for the road, or you're building in healthy business boundaries so you can take off more often, this space is for you.

When can I access the program?

The program is only a click away! As soon as you join, you'll be given (almost) instantaneous access to a library of training videos, worksheets, and templates.

PLUS, there will be new pop-up trainings and expert sessions that will take place month after month, giving you consistently fresh content.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! We never want you to be hanging out in a spot that isn't supporting your success. If you decide that the Roadpreneur community isn't right for you, you can login to cancel or you can send an email to to cancel. Once you cancel, you will lose access to the Facebook community and the training library will expire at the end of your payment period.

What if I can't make the live sessions?

That's a-okay! We're a community of travelers. Everything will be recorded and be made available to you afterward. That means, you'll never have to plan trips around trainings, or have FOMO while you're finding a new campground to explore. It's all here for you on your schedule.

Ready to earn more and explore more?

This community is for you — and for $47/month, what do you have to lose?

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