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I'm Kimberly

Nice to Meet You

Forget everything you've been told about hustle culture and time-sucking strategies.

My job is to show you how to design a business that lets you earn while you explore using marketing strategies. And email funnels. And effective messaging formulas. And SEO. But mostly, marketing strategies designed with the RV lifestyle in mind. 

Because around here, it's all about making those miles count online and on the road — and if you're buried in your phone the entire time putting out fires or desperately trying to bring in sales to pay for your adventures, you're not really free. You're fumbling.

What makes a great Roadpreneur?

Roadpreneurs are wanderlust business owners with a desire to see more of the world without having to wait until their sunset years. Gone are the days when we have to be strapped to a cubicle to make big things happen in life and in business. If you're ready to leave traditional business norms behind, book a longer trip, push further in your RV, linger longer at the campsite, and put your phone away while making s'mores with the family, you're in the right place.

So who am I to be leading you down this path anyway?

Growing up, I started a business writing newsletters to keep everyone on my block informed. I didn’t know it at the time, but that foreshadowed what I’d do with my life.

Today, I spend my workdays engaged in the same type of activities that excited me as a child – writing and informing others on how to navigate the murky waters of solopreneurship.

After graduating from the University of Arizona, my career began in Copenhagen, Denmark. There I worked with a few crazy smart entrepreneurs building a software product. When I returned to my hometown of Tucson, Arizona, I went into management at a Fortune 500 company. It wasn’t for me…

My unnatural obsession with finding the best communication tools and strategies drove me work at yet another startup before branching out on my own. 

I began my entrepreneurial journey 10 years ago from the comfort of my kitchen table. After running a copywriting agency, I went all in as a content and digital experience manager at RocketSource. There, I worked to bring innovative answers and solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing organizations in the midst of digital transformation. Whether it's personal and professional growth strategies delivered via LevelNext or tools delivered through Pulsemotiv, I, along with the RocketSource team, served as a guide along the fast-paced journey.

Now I'm back to my entrepreneurial roots helping other working parents thrive in both roles. I do this by teaching based on my personal experiences about what's worked and what hasn't. Through my 10+ years of experience, I’ve learned:

- It’s a team effort — even when you’re in business by yourself, for yourself. 
- No one is good at everything. The smartest professionals build businesses by engaging with other savvy minds. 
- There’s no greater feeling than seeing tangible results from creative work. It warms my insides EVERY TIME IT HAPPENS.
- I am emotionally invested in each and every project I take part in.
- My family comes first. Always.

I'm a pro at conversational content, copy that converts, and consulting on frameworks that align with a more flexible lifestyle — especially one that lets more people fully embrace this crazy, beautiful life. Let's link arms on this journey and help you explore while you earn.

love, kimberly xo

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