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How will you earn money from the road?

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Hey, I'm Kimberly

I began my entrepreneurial journey 10 years ago from the comfort of my kitchen table. Since landing my first client, I have had the honor of working a variety of businesses helping put their expertise into words that sell. I'm a pro at conversational content, copy that converts, and consulting on frameworks that align with a more flexible lifestyle — especially one that lets more people fully embrace this crazy, beautiful life. 

the roadpreneur philosophy

I believe that business has been turned on its head. No longer do you have to wait until retirement to hit the road, explore, see the backwoods, and experience all that life has to offer. Now, you can seek adventure alongside seeking your passion and purpose through the path of roadpreneurship. 

Become a Roadpreneur

You’re a rockstar business owner and human. Thanking you for being a trailblazer for other women. I know you support men too, but it’s awesome to see women especially moms- make their own way and design their business around their life not vice versa. It shows what is possible and that if you can do it, I can do it and that is what the world needs. You are making such a difference in the world so BIG!!

Beth Suter
beth suter art

What a wonderful journey Roadpreneur School has been!!! 🤗 You genuinely model strategic empathy, so it’s fully aligned for strategy based in empathy to be a key foundation of “the Roadpreneurial Way.” Kimberly, you’re a responsive coach with so many great ideas! You uniquely exemplify how Roadpreneurial spirit and system smarts will improve the way we serve. 

Having taken a lot of other business development courses, I can honestly say that your new Roadpreneur School gets five-stars!!! You’re creating something amazing. ✨⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

I💛Roadpreneur School.😎

Julie Leveen
virtually magical

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate all of the time and effort you placed into this course and I can see that it will be something that I will refer back to over and over again!!!  So many goodies: VERY well laid out. I can definitely see that there was a lot of time and planning placed into the structure of the course. Love the videos and knowing that we can come back to them. The worksheets are super helpful. Kimberly, you are my Shero! You have really demonstrated listening to your audience. Thank you for taking the time to create this.

rosalyn stewart
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